Adult Volunteers Wanted!


The Joydick is going to be demonstrated at Arse Electronika 2009 and we are seeking one brave man and one brave woman to demonstrate video game play during the opening night ceremony. Actual “game play” will be hidden from the audience by a screen.

And yes, we said woman!


Here is a small sneak peak of the yet unnamed (and unfinished) wearable female Atari controller. Full details and DIY instructions coming soon!

Participants must live in the San Francisco bay area, must be at least 18 years of age and able to provide a valid US passport and must be comfortable being filmed for archival purposes.

Women, act today (Friday the 25th) and we may be able to throw in a custom-made Atari themed corset!

Interested parties should contact us at info [dot] sfmedialabs {at} gmail [dot] com.

The Joydick

The Joydick is a wearable haptic device for controlling video gameplay based on realtime male masturbation. Through the use of a carefully designed strap-on interface, the user’s penis is converted into a joystick capable of moving the character onscreen in all four cardinal directions. For games requiring the fire button, a separate ring can be worn which converts hand-strokes into button presses.

The Theory

The ”core mechanic” is the action a player does over and over again during game play. This may be rolling dice or it may be frantically pressing a button. Although, this behavior tends to vary, the objective of this behavior is always the same, to win the game.

Our impetus to win can be seen as a drive towards transcendence. A transcendence that is both over death and, in a sense, a metaphorical death. Winning a video game is much like what Martin Heidegger referred to as becoming a “being towards death.” That is a self-realized individual who has overcome uncertainty in life, reconciled their place in the universe and has acknowledged death within their life.

This simultaneity of both transcendence in life and the acknowledgment of death is also encountered during what the French like to call “la petite morte” or in English, “the little death.” This is the refractory period following sexual climax in which a person can achieve no further orgasm and is filled both with pleasure and melancholy.

It would be reasonable to assert that the tension that builds during gameplay and the release achieved through victory are similar to the events leading up and through a sexual orgasm.

Bringing us full circle, aside from sharing a similar goal and end result, the much more obvious relation between video gameplay and what this haptic technology provides, an expression of masculine sexuality, is that they are both driven by a core mechanic. In the case of male masturbation, the core mechanic is the repeated stimulation of the nerve endings of the penis.

In fact, the similarities between the mechanics and objectives of both sex and video games are so striking that it may be fair to say that gameplay, particular video games, are driven by displaced sexual energy.

This hypothesis can help explain why young, sexually-frustrated males are the largest demographic in the gaming world and why men in general are two times more likely to be avid gamers than women. It is also true that energy misdirected towards video games has been known to destroy marriages and tear apart relationships. In fact, Woman’s Health has published an article called Video Games and Foreplay in their Sex and Relationships column in which they state that women should play more video games as a way to proactively engage with their male partner. What is striking about this, is that by likening video gaming to foreplay and claiming it as a trust-building exercise, Women’s Health Magazine is implying that video games, in some circumstances, have taken the role of actual sexual foreplay.

The link between video gameplay and male sexual stimulation seems quite clear. It is therefor somewhat surprising that (it would seem) up until now, no one has taken the logical step forward and used repeated sexual stimulation as a means for controlling a video game.

Although a number of people have used game controllers as stimulators by creating devices that are reactive to gameplay, a majority of these systems are directed towards female stimulation and are possibly designed as a way to engage frustrated partners in the masturbatory nature of video gameplay. Such thoughts were also alluded to by Jane Pinckard while reviewing the Japanese game Rez which is often sold with a “trance vibrator.”

Given that most sexual gaming interfaces are responsive to gameplay and directed towards female stimulation, the Joydick is a substantial breakthrough and brings the first proactive male-oriented sexual gaming interface to the world.

The Joydick stimulates males both mentally and physically by combining the core mechanic of gameplay with the core mechanic of sexual stimulation.



Learn how to build your own Joydick via the full instructions here.


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